Friday, 11 September 2009

Should you judge this book by its cover?

My new book is now out. From the preface:
The aim of this book is to make proverbs and other familiar sayings speak their wisdom afresh, and to clear away some of the mistaken ideas they can give rise to. In order to achieve this goal, it is important that I do not try to replace one set of pat interpretations with another. Rather, I want to stimulate the reader to think for herself about the ideas within, as if for the first time. That is why I make no attempt to make my discussions exhaustive. Nor do I spell everything out: the point is to make the reader check her own spelling. This is a book to argue and converse with. It is not a reference book, manual or a self-help guide. It exists simply to fuel the thinking of those who think for themselves.
You can buy the book from Amazon , The Book Depository or your preferred online or high street vendor.

I've also made a short film about the book...