Friday, 18 September 2009

Not doing it for the kids

"The goods of the childless life reflect something very important about the good life for everyone. Humans have the capacity to rise above the biological imperative to reproduce. That we do not place the highest value on passing on our genes is part of what makes us different and, yes, in some sense superior to our fellow animals. Yet society does not celebrate our freedom to do this. Reproducing is still seen as the healthy norm, "failing" to do as an aberration. If many more of us do not have grandchildren, then perhaps we will make it clearer that sexual reproduction may be the meaning of animal life, but it sure ain't the best or only reason for humans to get up in the morning: refreshed, after a night uninterrupted by the cries of little angels."
My latest post at the Guardian's Comment is Free has attracted over 600 comments and counting. I think it's the subject, rather than me. Judge for yourself here. (UPDATE: The piece has also provoked this response by the Telegraph's Ed West.)