Friday, 12 September 2008

Reviews of Complaint

I've had some good reviews, and thankfully no really bad ones, for Complaint. Here are links to four of them. (Guess if they're the best or worst!)

"This funny, accessible, acute study"
Laurie Taylor, Times Higher

"Someone once wrote, of a book of mine, words to the effect that 'This book could change the way we live'. Very flattering, but obviously balls. It makes one wary of deploying the phrase even when spot on, as in the case of Julian Baggini's relaxed, affable yet startlingly lucid analysis of humanity's tendency to complain."
Michael Bywater, The Independent

"An enjoyably astringent and wry read."
Steve Poole, The Guardian

"Complaint is a work of popular philosophy of the best kind: it doesn’t dumb down the ideas of the greats, but employs the tools and training of the philosopher to explore the deeper significance of everyday life."
Stephen Cave, FT

is available at Amazon.