Friday, 3 August 2007

Events in Edinburgh: 18-20 August

Edinburgh International Book Festival
Booking information for the following four events available here.

Lucy Eyre with Julian Baggini, 19th August, 14:00
Interviewing the author of If Minds Had Toes, a philosophical novel for young people.

Who am I? Human Identity, 19th August, 19:30
Panel discussion with doctor Alice Roberts and genomics expert Steve Sturdy. SOLD OUT

Julian Baggini & Robin McKie
, 20th August, 12:00
"What is British identity? Robin McKie, science editor of the Observer, uses DNA analysis to decode our mixed history in Face of Britain. Julian Baggini's Welcome to Everytown examines the lives and beliefs of a 'typical' English town."

Nature and Nurture Revisited, 20th August, 19:30
Panel discussion with Simon Blackburn, Robin McKie and Sergio della Sala.

Festival of Spirituality and Peace
The state we're in, 18th August, 10:45
Discussing the future of secularism with Imam Ahmad Saad from
North London Central Mosque, chaired by Iain McWhirter. Full details in the programme available here (PDF file)